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Feminism Is for Everyone

November 11, 20222 min read

The Feminist Business Coach, that’s me, is a feminist organization. I believe that feminism is for everyone—not just women, not just men, but EVERYONE. Feminism is about equality and fairness, and it's about respecting one another's differences.

"Feminism isn't about making women stronger. Women are already strong, it's about changing the way the world perceives that strength." G.D. Anderson

As your Feminist Business Coach, I strive to be inclusive in all of my work: from our suppliers to the people I hire, from the content I create to the clients I partner with. I know that when everyone has an equal voice and an equal stake in a project (or company), it makes for better products, better results and even better people.

Feminism Is for Everyone

Feminism is not about being a man-hater or women's empowerment at the expense of men. It's about equality for all genders and sexual orientations, and it's about challenging the systemic gender inequality that permeates our world.

My goal is to make the world a more feminist place—one person at a time. One business at a time. I want to help people understand what feminism really means, so they can join the movement in their own way and help shape it into something even better than it already is.

I believe in intersectional feminism, which means that I believe that no person has privilege over another when it comes to gender issues—everyone experiences them differently based on their race, class, sexual orientation, ability level, age.

Feminism Is for Everyone

That's because feminism isn't just about women—it's about everyone who is marginalized by society.

It's about the LGBTQIA community, people of color, and people with disabilities. It's about sex workers, trans people, and anyone who identifies as female-bodied. It's about men who believe in equality for all genders. And it's about you!

Feminism is a movement that seeks to empower all marginalized groups in society by helping them achieve equality with their privileged counterparts. At the core of this movement is a belief that all people deserve equal access to rights, opportunities, and resources based on their individual merit rather than their gender identity or expression.

And that means that YOU are included in this movement!

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Sara Bingham

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